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Scholarship Sponsors List

Scholarship Sponsors We've had a wonderful response to our effort to maintain our class website for several more years, and we'd like to thank the classmates listed below who have made donations so that we can continue to share information about our fellow classmates and reunions, as well as photos of past and future events.

The response has been so positive that we've been able to negotiate a significant (more than 50 percent) reduction in the cost to maintain our website, as well as increase our photo capacity, through 2026!

Because we've received donations in excess of the cost of maintaining our website, we're transferring those excess funds – more than $1,000 – to a new, dedicated class scholarship account.

Building the scholarship reserve fund will be a continuing campaign, so we've changed the name of this web page from "Our Sponsors" to "Scholarship Sponsors."

Since a good portion of the website donations is being transferred to the new scholarship fund, we'll retain the website donors' names on this "Scholarship Sponsors" page under the present levels.

If you want to increase your donation now or at some later date, we'll incorporate the amount of your new donation into the amount you previously donated and will recognize your level of contribution accordingly.

Of course, we welcome contributions from all!

To donate, simply make your check payable to AHS 1960 Scholarship Fund and mail the check to

Paul Mercandetti
274 Main St., Suite 302
Reading, MA 08617

Also, please let us know how you would like to be acknowledged on this "Scholarship Sponsors" page (for example: The Smith Family, John Smith, John & Sue Smith, Anonymous).

You may make your donation in memory of, or in honor of, a classmate, friend, family member, or anyone else you wish to recognize.

Thank you for helping our class stand out in its support of education!

Scholarship Sponsors to Date

    $200 & Up — "The Indian"

    Menotomy Indian Hunter

  • Anonymous – In memory of Robert Tedford & Richard Buzzell
  • Fred Jarvis
  • Sandra Mangurian
  • Paul Mercandetti
  • Dave Rivers – In memory of all our deceased classmates
  • Bob & Carl Weggel

    $100 – $199 — Spy Ponders

    Spy Ponders

  • Gerard Berberian – Berberian & Associates, Inc.
  • Jerry & Pat Buckley
  • Albert DiSessa
  • John B. "Jack" Farren, Jr.
  • Larry Murray – Murray & Quill, PC
  • Art & Toni Poole
  • Karen (Fredriksen) & Bill Strickland
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Okerholm.

    Up to $99 — Red & Gray

    The Red (Maroon) & Gray

  • Lois Barry
  • Diane (Bunker) & Arthur Giordano
  • David Hill
  • Mark Kahan
  • Barbara (McCabe) Kizik
  • Sandy (Balamotis) & Peter Kotsifas
  • Bob & Cynthia Leonard
  • Sharon Luther George – In memory of Fred & Martha Strachan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steve Quattrocchi
  • Gay D. Porter – In memory of classmate Ruth Shea Gray

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