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On this page, you'll find information about the scholarships awarded by the Arlington High School Class of 1960 to outstanding AHS students who will be continuing their academic studies after graduating from high school.
2015 AHS Scholarship Award Recipient

Naphe Fatahi

We are pleased to announce that recent Arlington High School graduate Naphe Fatahi is this year's recipient of a $500.00 scholarship award from our AHS class.

In the fall of 2015, Naphe plans to continue his academic studies at University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he intends to major in biomedical engineering, analyzing and designing solutions related to biology and medicine with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of patient care.

Naphe then hopes to continue his education in the area of rheumatology — the study of rheumatism, arthritis, and other disorders of the joints, muscles, and ligaments — with the aim of working in a medical field in which he knows he will be helping people with their medical needs and in making a change in their everyday lives.

Naphe's ambitious goals are not surprising. At Arlington High School, Naphe not only excelled in his academic studies — he was the recipient of an American history award in his junior year — he also demonstrated his talents in the mock trial club, math club, crew club, and on the wrestling team.

In addition to these extracurricular activities, Naphe was involved as an intern in the Massachusetts Healthy Family Education program, a research project at Tufts Interdisciplinary Evaluation Research Center, which provides financial and parenting education to pregnant teens.

Before starting his internship, Naphe was surprised to learn that more than 2,000 teenaged girls in Massachusetts struggle to get an education while they are pregnant. "In this research," he says, "I tried to put myself in their shoes and could not imagine how they went on with their lives under financial pressure. This internship has opened my eyes and changed my point of view greatly."

Naphe Fatahi
Naphe Fatahi, intern with the Tufts Interdisciplinary Evaluation Research Center during his senior year at Arlington High School

Naphe is no stranger to challenges himself. He was born in Syria, and he and his family were among those on the last flight out of that troubled nation.

With his broad perspective on life and dedication to advancing medical treatments, we are confident that he will be one of our nation's future innovators.

We wish him success as he continues his academic studies at UMass Amherst and pursues his ultimate goal of helping to make a difference in people's lives.


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