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We have moved several of our older reunion and get-together albums—but not all of them—to to make room on this AHS Class of 1960 website for photos of more recent events.

You can go to the Flickr Arlington High School albums page by clicking on the Flickr icon below or the link above. (To return to this page, just click on the Arlington High School, Class of 1960 tab in your browser.)

Go to Flickr AHS Albums

When you get to the Flickr Arlington High School albums page, click on any displayed album to view the photos in that album. You can also click on a photo to enlarge it, and then view the photos in a manual slide-show style (Flickr adds advertisements to the slide-show which enables us to use the Flickr site for free.)

The majority of our photo albums are still on this page (including our 50th reunion photos.) In fact, click on the image below, or the link at the top of this page, to view photos of our 56th reunion in York Beach, Maine.

Below the reunion photo albums are albums from our AHS days, from our post-AHS days, and from earlier times in junior high and elementary school.

Photos from our elementary and junior high school years are scarce. If you come across any from those days, let us know via the "Contact Us" link in the menu at left.

Enjoy the memories!

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