Classmate Photos


Below the reunion photo albums are albums from our AHS days, from our post-AHS days, and from earlier times in junior high and elementary school.

Photos from our elementary and junior high school years are scarce. If you come across any from those days, let us know via the "Contact Us" link in the menu at left.

Enjoy the memories!

Dave Rivers          

Classmates Oldies Albumn
2022 Class Reunion Sept 13-15 York Beach Me.
2021 Class Reunion York Beach Maine September 14-16
2019 -- York Beach Maine Reunion September 10 - 12
2018 -- York Beach, Maine, Reunion September 11 - 13
2017 -- York Beach, Maine, Reunion September 12-14
2016 -- York Beach, Maine, Reunion September 13-15
2016 -- AHS'60 Get-together March 7
John Pullo, 1941 (yep, hes 93!)
Esther Adamian & Butch Lovering, 1960
Esther Adamian, Butch Lovering & Ron Adamian, 1960
Ron Adamian & Sandy McGowen, 1960
Sandy Kotsifas-1960, Elaine Jones, Esther Adamian-1960, Judy Lovering
Joyce Wheeler & Julia DeCaprio, 1957
2015 -- York Beach, Maine, Reunion September 15-17
2014 -- Plymouth, Massachusetts, Reunion September 23-25
2013 -- York Beach, Maine, Reunion September 17-19
2013 -- St Croix, Virgin Islands, Reunion April 27-May 4
2013 -- The Villages, Florida, Get-together -- March 1
2012 -- Class of '60 Luncheon, November 7
2012 -- York Beach, Maine, Reunion September 25-27
2011 -- Newport, Rhode Island, Get-together October 12-14
2010 -- 50th Reunion Pre-reunion Get-together
2010 -- 50th Reunion Friday Dinner Dance #1
2010 -- 50th Reunion Friday Dinner Dance #2
2010 -- 50th Reunion Saturday AHS School Tour
2010 -- 50th Reunion Other Weekend Activities
Previous Reunion Photos
35th Reunion Group Photo
A get-together with AHS classmates 20 years after graduation! Clockwise from bottom left (high school names): Nancy Keefe, Diane Bunker, Judy Ditmars, Jane Beggan, Sandra Mangurian
This is Claire Boni Carroll, Carleen Shea, Paul Carroll at the reunion in 1995 Submitted by Diane (Anders) Plunkett

L to R/Seated: 	Martha Strachan,  Fred Strachan, Pam Nicoll
Standing:		Bob Lea, Karen (Fredriksen) Strickland, Patricia (Jeffrey) Zehner, Fred Jarvis  (Fred didnt attend the 50th)	

Submitted by Patricia (Jeffrey) Zehner

Pam Nicoll .. Patricia (Jeffrey) Zehner, Karen (Fredriksen) Strickland;
Submitted by Patricia (Jeffrey) Zehner

Pam Nicoll, Bob Lea, & Karen (Fredriksen) Strickland;  Submitted by Patricia (Jeffrey) Zehner
1956-1960 -- Arlington High School
Post-AHS Photos
Abt 1982 - Kay Russo, Mary (Bellizia) Shannon and Alphonsine (Petralia) Jackson  Submitted by Mary Bellizia
Nov 3, 1984 - My 2nd wedding:  Lisa Shannon, Mary (Bellizia) West, Darrell Shannon, Gratia Bellizia, Charles West, Judith (Bellizia) Grande 64, John Bellizia 27, Heidi (Bellizia) Yehling 55  Submitted by Mary Bellizia
Aug 9, 1964 - Catherine Russo, Janet Bellizia 64, Mary (Bellizia) Shannon, Alphonsine Petralia, Judith Bellizia 64. Submitted by Mary Bellizia
Diane Bunkers Wedding--Sylvia DeDominicus, Jerry Buckley @ Diane Bunkers wedding

Submitted by Jerry Buckley
George A. Robinson AHS 60
U.S.M.C. 1960-64 (Displayed by request)
Diane Anders & Jimmy Plunket Wedding 
Look Ma...No Hands
Judy Ditmars in Egypt 11-2010
Sandra Mangurian and Mimi Allen Black at Christmastime--30+ years ago! (Judy Ditmars was the photographer.)
George Robinson celebrating his 70th birthday at Fenway Park!
Jr. High West (Now the Ottoson Middle School)
Jr. High East (No longer open)
JR High East
Junior High East Class of 1957.  9th Grade.
9TH GRADE JR HIGH EAST SECTION 1 TOP ROW-- Al Tucci, Jimmy Russell, Jim Robillard , Greg McCarty, John Locke, Thomas Alderson, Harold Ameral, John Kelley, Ron Adamian, Row 7-Mary McCarty, ?, Joanne Lowder, Donna Reilly, Lucia Portia, Mary Pilioglos, Virgi
9th GRADE JR HIGH EAST SECTION 2 Top Row -John Kelley, Ron Adamian, Neil Provost, ?, Jimmy Thoar, John Pfeiffer, Biff Ogdon,Jim VanValkenberg, Tim Pappas, Row 7- Sandra Mangurian, Joan ONeil, Connie Rudd, Nancy Keefe, Kathy Grannan, Susanne Collier, ?, Li
THE GRADE JR HIGH EAST SECTION 3 Top Row-Tim Pappas ,Larkin , Warren Pierce, ?, Roger Hamel ,Ronald Brady, John Tiernan, ?, ?, John Gordon, Row 7- Anne Carlisle, Jean McNeil, Perla Horne, Marie Spagnuolo, Sandra Minzner, Pam Shields, Jean Weisenberger, Di

Top Row -  John Gordon, Nicholas Samiotis, David Bertolami, Paul Mercandetti 
Row 7 - Sue Speedie, Sandi Welch, ?
Row 6 -  ?, ?, ?, Tait Atkinson 
Row 5 - Brenda Landry, Jane Buckley, Judy Ditmars, Diane Stanley,
Diane Anders & Jimmy Plunkett Jr High East Graduation 1957
Bartlett School
Depiction of Bartlett School
Date unknown ca. 1960s
Bishop School
Bishop School
Brackett School
The New Brackett School
Brackett School, 6th Grade, 1954
Classmates are:
Top row:  Paul Bjork, Esther Paris, Paul Anderson, dont know, Karin Johnson, dont know, dont know, Judy Clark, Mary Gay Bellizia, Sally Green, Donna Jamgochian.
Second row:  Msbel Robinson, Sandra Strick
Cedar Hill Girl Scout Camp, 6th grade 
kneeling:  Janet Downs, Gail Achstetter
seated:  Judith Clark
standing: dont know, dont know, Marcia Young, Leah Moltman, Joanne Swymmer
1951 - Back: Alphonsine Petralia, Rita Hutchinson, Catherine Russo
front: Judith and Janet Bellizia (Class of 1964)  Submitted by Mary Bellizia
Memorial Day Parade, circa 1952 (holding banner) left: Mary Bellizia, right Donna Jamgochian  Submitted by Mary Bellizia
Crosby School
Circa 1898. Looked about the same in the 50s
Cutter School
Cutter School
6th Grade - Cutter School - Mrs Daniels Class: Carol Pascarela; Lois Cram; Sylvia DeDominicus; Marsha Limerick; Barbara MacDonald; Mimi Allen; Peggy Ducharme; Carol Donato; Audrey Wessinger; Jane Beagan; Dave Rivers; Gene McGurl; Dean Maletesta;  Joe Brod
6th Grade - Cutter School - Mrs. Daniels Class: The boys in this photo are Dave Rivers; Tommy Bruno; Jay Ford; Dean Maletesta; Bobby OBrien; Bob Hiat; Gene McGurl; John Dorsi; Joe Brodbine; Jerry Buckley; Bill McGonacle. Others I can not recall.  --Photo
Ms. Kelly 4th Grade Cutter School.
If someone wants to add the names please let us know.
Submitted by Marsha Limerick.
Cutter School 6th grade dance

Row 1 Joyce ??; ??; Peg Ducharme; Bobby Hiatt; Jack Radochia; ??; Jane Beggan;  Jerome Buckley. 
 Row 2 ??

If anyone knows the names with the?? please let us know. 
Submitted by Peg Ducharme
Cutter School 6th grade dance.
Carol Hathaway, George Ducharme

In Back Glorianne Nigro.

Submitted by Peg Ducharme
Dance Lessons The ONeil Sisters.
Submitted by Nancy Fantazian

Dance Lessons the ONeil Sisters

Submitted by Nancy Fantazina
Diane Bunker, Bob Osterberg and Jerry Buckley   Submitted by Jerry Buckley
Cutter School Miss Kelleys 4th Grade Class
Submitted by Jerry Buckley
Miss ONeils 6th grade Dance Recital 
Submitted by Jerry Buckley
Club Scouts--Mrs.. Hiatt was den mother

Submitted by Jerry Buckley
Hardy School
Depiction of the Hardy School. If you have an actual photo of the school facade, please post it to this album
Parmenter School
Pierce Grammar School.
Depiction of the Pierce Grammar School. If you have an actual photo of the school facade, please post it to this album.

Pierce Grammar  School Graduating Class

Top Row .. 3rd from Left Fred Jarvis, 4th Fred Strachan .. 8th Heather Shewan
2nd from top .. not 100% sure on any of them 
3rd from top .. 7th from Left Karen Frederickson (in plaid)
4th from top .. 1st f
St. Agnes School
St. Agnes School
St Agnes School exterior in 2010
Eighth grade class of St. Agnes School in 1956. Photo submitted by Fred Marchant, AHS 60.
St. James School
St. James School